Apr 25, 2009

Welcome to Santa Destroy...

Santa Destroy is definitely a character in No More Heroes. To me, it represents an outside perspective on the future of the West Coast of the United States. It's flag reminds me of the flag for the Dominican Republic, which I think says something about the increasing Spanish influence in the United States. Every car including Travis motorcycle are huge which I guess is to show the fact that they guzzle gas.

Santa Destroy also shows an acceptance of homosexual culture. Travis' trainer Thunder Ryu was far from subtle whenever you go to his gym for training. Whenever you visit one of your friends, the song Genki Rockets - Heavenly Star is playing. It's a great song, but play that at your next party and you might get some unwanted attention. Now Travis comes off as a straight character, but he has an incredible sense of style. A lot of the fun I had during the game was shopping at Area 51. His outfits would get brighter and tighter every time I went. It's cool because the message behind that is one could be who they are without having to compromise it for anybody. The message I've noticed a lot this year is to be yourself.

The pulse of Santa Destroy can be found in the characters that inhabit it. The characters serve different roles, but they all share the same lack of interest in the main character Travis Touchdown. One character, Randall Lovikov, won't even deal with you unless you bring him an eight ball.

He would teach Travis new moves if you bring him 8 balls scattered throughout the city. He wouldn't do it unless he had for anything less than 8 ball. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but could the 8 ball represent something illegal? He always did get extremely happy when you brought him an 8 ball.


  1. Yo Errol. I have to say, I like this blog. I like this blog a lot, I can't lie. I honestly haven't even heard of this game and just after reading what you wrote just got me so interested.
    Check it. The way you brought up topics about the game and incorporated it into the real world was stunning. I liked this blog a lot and I look foward to reading more of you ish!


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