Apr 23, 2009

Zombies Ate My Neighbors... Throwback Game of the Week

Actually it's more like SQUIRT SQUIRT!!! in this game. It's one of the best games 1993 had to offer. I had it on the SNES (It's also on the SEGA Genesis.)
You join either Zeke or his friend Julie on their adventure to squirt away the zombies in their suburban town. (SQUIRT SQUIRT!!!)

It sounds crazy, but look at the picture on the left.

Zeke's rocking the 3d glasses I think to get a better view of Julie's chest. Julie looks like one of those girls you can't wait to turn 18. The way she's holding the gun shows she has experience with squirt guns. I feel safer already...
A Co-Op experience that involves killing zombies...
Sounds like Resident Evil 5 to me.


  1. damn yo, making Julie look like a little hoe huh. lmao i think that's funny. lata!


  2. Not at all. She just seems fully equipped to do the job.