Mar 28, 2009

Resident Evil 5

I'm going to start this off by saying Dead Space is the shit... If you haven't played it, play Dead Space first, then play Resident Evil 5 and ask yourself which one is better.

Resident Evil 5 is set in Africa so we see a shanty town, dark skinned enemies, and a bunch of tribal things to give us a sense that we are on the motherland. Did it feel any different from the European setting in Resident Evil 4?

There really isn't much brought to the table in Resident Evil 5 that is a new besides playing with another person. You could trade items and have the whole co-op thing in Resident Evil 0. The action scenes which make you act quick were in Resident Evil 4. Chris & Wesker were introduced in the first Resident Evil. The controls are pretty much the same as the first Resident Evil. The Majini aren't all that different from the Las Plagas in Resident Evil 4. Handgun, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, & Rocket Launcher have all been around since forever in Resident Evil.

The controls might have worked before Dead Space showed up, but now it just shows the ego the developers had.

What I think is since Resident Evil is Capcom's best selling franchise of all time they got comfortable at being the king of the survival horror genre. They probably were like "this is Resident Evil why change anything." They had every right since the first Resident Evil pretty much defined the genre. With all of the backtracking and ink ribbons that game still is the shit.

The series left it's survival horror roots in the dust and became an action game with an ego. I mean come on if your going to become an action game, you should at least have a good cover system. Either that or better controls to use the shitty cover system. Becoming an action game means comparing it to other action games such as Grand Theft Auto and Gears of War. If you compare it those two Resident Evil 5 is far from the crown for the best action game.

... Maybe Resident Evil needs to go back to it's roots

Mar 25, 2009

Under Construction

I'm in the middle of moving and a lot of other things... I'll be back

Mar 19, 2009

The Sun Never Rises on Resident Evil 5

Not in my lab

Mar 18, 2009

Play Resident Evil 5 with a Friend

The computer form of Sheva is fun, but it's the shit being able to do twist kicks.... Shout out to my homie Five:30

Mar 17, 2009

Playstation Network Proudly Presents Flower

It's always a good time to relax if you ask me. Why should you ever take life so serious? If I could I would honestly laugh every minute of the day. Instead I play games such as Flower with Beezy to help relax. Flower is the shit. The best part? It's only $9.99 or £6.29...

Flower is the only game I would recommend to anybody. Escape the outside world and relax. What's so bad about that?

I want give a shout out to my mother. She's feeling the movement and that means the world to me. I love you Ma. She should play this game... I just had an idea :-)

Mar 16, 2009

Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix $14.99 PSN & Xbox Live

You have to know where you've been in order to know where your going some people say. Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a remake of this classic Super Nintendo game with improved visuals and a new soundtrack. With the new visuals I was able to finally figure out what some of the characters in the background are doing.

The best feature of this game is the flawless online play. Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix won't appeal to everybody, especailly since Street Fighter IV is now available, but it will appeal to people nostalgic about old school games. It plays pretty much the same as the SNES game, which to some will feel dated. If you can get over that then your good.

PixelJunk Eden $9.99 Playstation Network

Need a challenge on a budget? This is the game for you. The game takes place in a garden known as Eden. The plants are missing when you first start and your goal is to grow more plants in the garden. You do that by collecting Spectra (50 total) to build the Garden of Eden.

You control a little character known as a Grimp. Controlling a Grimp is pretty simple. You jump, grip and fall. In every level you collect pollen to grow plants. The plants help you get higher. The higher you go, the more Spectra there are. You must collect 5 Spectra in each level in order to fully complete the level.

If you have a High Definition Television I strongly recommend playing this game. The way the colors are used in this game is very unique and beautiful. It'll show you what your HDTV's capable of. The soundtrack is great too. The mellow electronic songs complement the gameplay in every way. I thought since this game was $9.99 it wouldn't be all that long. I was wrong. Collecting all 50 Spectra will take a while. Enjoy

Recession Friendly Gaming

Let's face it. This Recession sucks and the price of games isn't getting any cheaper. It's still $50-$60 for a new game on a system that you already paid hundreds of dollars to own. To make matters worse, if you don't like the game the best thing you can do is trade it in for 1/3 of what you paid for it. It's a scam man.

There is hope though..

This generation of gaming has brought something great. Downloadable videogames. These games usually cost no more than $15 and bring just as much fun as a $60 title. You just use the online service provided by the system to download these games.


A lot of these downloadable games are crap. That's why you have me. The next group of games I write about are all great games that are available for download.

Gaming on a budget is smart gaming. Real Talk.

Mar 13, 2009


It's hard for me not to think about No More Heroes when I think about Madworld. The games are so alike it's ridiculous. Both have a ranking system where you can become #1 at killing people. Both use a ridiculous amount of blood to prove a point. Both protagonists ride motorcycles at some point in the game. The main difference? Madworld is in black and white.

Madworld takes pride in it's violent content. The most random objects can be used to fuck somebody up, and the more violent you get with your enemies, the more points you get. I got bored hitting a guy with a tire, putting a sign through his face, then throwing him in the human garbage where he was immedately cut in half.

The main character Jack is BORING. He really doesn't have a personality. He just knows what he's doing and is really good at fucking people up. His chainsaw reminded me way too much of the Chainsaw Bayonet in Gears of War 2. With that said I liked the way he dances to the music when your not doing anything. It's kind of cute.

There are three things that made the game for me. The Black Baron, the commentary, and the graphics. The Black Baron is a funny guy. His lessons in pimpin before the Bloodbath challenges are hilarious. If there's one thing more funny than this guy, it has to be the commentary provided by comedians Greg Proops and John DiMaggio. They keep the laughs coming with their hilarious commentary on everything you do. The commentary and the Black Baron make up for the fact that Jack is a really boring character.

The graphics to Madworld are unique and really cool. Everybody knows the Wii graphics are better than Gamecube graphics, but hardly compare to the graphics of Ps3 or Xbox 360. The developers took the limits of the Wii and did something creative by making a really cool looking city in black and white. I especially like the how the white in Jack's zipper popped.

Better than No More Heroes? No, but If you got a Wii check out Madworld

It's Finally Here!!!!!!!!

Mar 12, 2009

Who's Cooler?

Travis Touchdown
Jack. Just Jack


Mar 11, 2009

I Wonder If I Can Beat This By Friday...

Killzone 2

Maybe I just don't pay attention. I honestly don't remember the story to Killzone 2. Something about Helghast soldiers with red eyes (are they human??) being the enemy. Let's face it the story blows... All you need to know is that it's a war and the motherfuckers with red eyes are the enemy.. Got it? Good.

With that said, this game is still the shit. What it lacks in an engaging story it makes up for in gameplay. The gunfights are intense and there's a good mix of action and traveling to the next battle.

I wasn't a fan of the M82 gun that the main character Sev and his sqaud (I don't remember their names... Man the story really sucked) are holding in the picture to the left. It seemed as if you had to be close to really do damage, either that or I just suck lol.

I liked the Helghast Sta-52 Assualt Rifle better.. I actually liked all of the Helghast weapons better. I felt like I had more control with them, and I was better at hitting enemies from a distance which is what I'm better at doing.

The biggest thing Killzone 2 has going for it easily has to be it's graphics. I'll admit I'm a snob about graphics. I try really hard not to be impressed because everybody knows the graphics of tomorrow will be better. With that said I was blown away by the graphics to Killzone 2. The attention to detail is crazy. Explosions of any magnitiude are fun to watch. There wasn't a single moment in the game where I wasn't impressed.. Except for the cut scenes lol.

The A.I. is impressive too. I thought it was cool how the Helghast were very strategic during gunfights. I also liked how they would the 2 soldiers who were in immediate danger from a grenade ran instead of the 6 soldiers who saw me throw it. It really helped me improve my craft.
... Check this game out for the online play, or ignore the story and play the campaign through.. Too bad there's no Co-op mode. This game borrowed damn near every aspect of other First Person Shooters except for Co-Op mode.. What's up with that??

Mar 7, 2009

The Evolution of LittleBigPlanet

It's been almost 5 months since LittleBigPlanet has been released and the game is a lot different from when it first came out. The levels created by people are really amazing. It goes to show how creative a soul can be, and what your mind can do if you try. Throughout the months I've noticed a pattern emerging in the user created levels.

In the beginning, there were 2 types of user created levels in LittleBigPlanet. The levels that tell a story, and the levels that bring an adventure.

Levels like WANTED by ilikefords told a story as you progressed through the level, but the intensity wasn't really there. It was still a lot of fun, as I enjoyed escaping from jail and robbing a bank.

Other levels such as the Jellybean Cavern - One Flipping Plung of a Race by Palette8-Bit were more of a challenge to players. The level more or less skips a story, and presents a great adventure for the player. It's a thrill to play these levels as they present new challenges that were not present in the story, and expand on the gameplay mechanics set by the developers.
Today I'm finding levels that fuse both a crazy story and a great adventure together making for some really fun levels. Levels like Tale of the Forgotten King by Sosaku (Check out this person's levels) are great examples of this. The story told is a pretty sad story about love, and the thrills of the adventure along the way are really cool. The best part is that it doesn't give you long a long drawn out story. Instead it gives you brief sentences about the king as you progress. Levels like these show the growth in a game thats only been out for almost 5 months.
Time will only tell how much LittleBigPlanet will grow, but I can guarantee it will be a more evolved game in October when it becomes a year old. More people will play the game and levels will be created that nobody could have even imagined today. I'm really excited for what the future has in store for LittleBigPlanet. If you haven't checked this game out, give it a try... It's something special.

Mar 5, 2009

Street Fighter IV

Finally after many Remixes, Alphas, EX's, and Vs. Street Fighter returns for the next generation with Street Fighter IV.

I was first introduced to the Street Fighter series back in 1992 with Street Fighter II Champion Edition on the Sega Genesis (It's only $1.80 on Amazon.) Every weekend my friends would play this game for hours. I was four years old playing as Ken against my friend T would pick Ryu. I remember I used to suck. It took me a good hour to learn how to successfully do a Hadouken (Hours felt like days back then.)

Fast forward to 2009... T as Ryu and I'm playing as Ken. The cheap move of a jump heavy kick followed by a crouch heavy kick that I learned back in 1992 came in handy. It's funny playing it for the first time with T brought memories of Street Fighter 2. It was like we were 4 again aimlessly fighting lol.

Street Fighter IV is really cool. The gameplay is very fluid, and the graphics are beautiful. Everything from the characters in the background to the facial expressions of the fighters are fun to look at. I'm currently hooked to this game. The game keeps it's arcade feel which is cool when playing online. Your match gets interrupted by an opponent just as if someone next to you put in 2 quarters to play. I had to sign off of the network though in order to finish Arcade mode. I couldn't make it past the first level without being challenged.

If your not familar with Street Fighter, this is a good game to get introduced to the series. Button Mashers have always been welcomed to the series. If you want to get good at this game though, your probably going to go through a period of losing a lot. It's really cool how a game so simple can be so complex

If you can I strongly recommend using the gamepad or the joystick designed for this game. Yea it's pretty much a Sega Genesis control, but it makes such a difference. Complex combos are a lot easier to do, and the button layout feels natural.

Mar 3, 2009

How Are The Resident's Evil?

Did you ever wonder why Biohazard is called Resident Evil everywhere but Japan? Lets investigate..

Resident Evil

- The Residents of Raccoon City were suffering from the T-Virus Evil.

- The Residents of The Mansion were suffering from the T-Virus.

Resident Evil 2

- The Residents of Raccoon City were suffering from the T-Virus.

- The Residents of the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) were also suffering from the T-Virus and the new G-Virus.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

- The Residents of Raccoon City were suffering from the T-Virus 24 hours before, and 24 hours after the events of Resident Evil 2

... Enough was enough so the Government sent a nuclear missle to Raccoon City... Goodbye Raccoon City

... Maybe Not

Resident Evil Zero

- The Residents of Raccoon City were once again sick with the T-Virus... At least you got a partner this time right?

Resident Evil Code: Veronica

- While Wesker is on the hunt for the T-Veronica-Virus, the prisoners of Rockfort Island are infected with the T-Virus.

Resident Evil 4
- The cult known as the Los Illuminados have infected the residents of a small village in Europe with a parasite known as Los Plagas.

- Los Plagas gives the Los Illuminados the ability to control a persons mind. It's also very contagious as it took over a whole village in Europe.