Dec 17, 2009

PSP Whoa

The PSP-3000 reminds me of the Sega Game Gear. They're both the same shape and are too big to fit in my pocket. Even if I stopped wearing skinny jeans I wouldn't put the PSP-3000 in my pocket since the screen is so big it would eventually get scratched by my keys. Maybe Sony should redesign the PSP. Oh wait they did. The PSP Go.

I don't understand why the PSP Go gets so much negativity. The Recession probably has something to do with it. It isn't the brightest idea for Sony to sell the PSP Go for $50 less than its Blu-Ray player that just so happens to play video games. Especially when the PSP-3000 is $199.99 compared to $249.99 for the PSP Go. The PSP Go is a pretty penny, but there are a lot of Secret Santa's out there.

I've read reviews saying the PSP Go sucks because it doesn't have a UMD drive. UMD dics remind me of mini disc players so to that I say get an iPod and good riddance. Change is hard for some. They say the Macbook Air sucks because it doesn't have a disc drive. I wonder how many of these people download albums and movies from the Internet only to send them to their iPod's. It's not like you can return an opened PSP game to GameStop and expect to get a full refund. Besides the cases for these UMD games waste space, and there is always the risk of having a disc stolen. Game theft have been on the rise over the years. Maybe we should just accept digital downloads as the future. I can understand how a person who already owns a PSP could get mad, but maybe the PSP Go isn't for you.