Mar 25, 2010

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

The best series on the Wii is back, and it's as hilarious as I remember it. No More Heroes the series that follows Travis Touchdown's journey to become the #1 assassin in Santa Destroy. The city has gone through a lot of development since I last saw it. The way of traveling around the city makes more sense than it did before. Instead of using Travis' motorcycle, you simply choose where you want to go from a menu. Next thing you know you're there. The motorcycle is still there, but it's used less frequently which makes using it fun instead of tedious.

No More Heroes pays homage to the 8 bit era of games. The minigames for the most part are a lot of fun. My favorites are Lay the Pipe, Ryan's Gym Exercises, and Pizza with a Vengeance. I can't tell you how many times I'd be playing a minigame and somebody in the room would get hit with nostalgia from the days of Atari and Nintendo. I've always appreciated how the series sees itself as a video game. They don't give you a full recap of what happened over the past 2 years because of the gamers who started at the second one and don't care about the first one.

Desperate Struggle needs an autosave feature. I've lost at least six hours of Laying the Pipe and at least 2 outfits due to forgetting to stop by the motel. It's cute that Travis goes to the bathroom to save, but damn. I also thought one of the bosses Nathan Copeland was ridiculous, but I already put him on my public announcement service.