Aug 18, 2010

Madden in the U.S.A.

Madden launches are as much of an American tradition as Thanksgiving dinner and Super Bowl Hangovers. What other game has President Obama in it? Some gamers complain that Madden is overdone with it's yearly releases, but the millions of dedicated fans beg to differ.

The Madden franchise is probably the only game I look forward to watching other people play. I enjoy watching the improvements to the graphics, sound, and overall enjoyment of the players each year. Watching diehards play helps me figure out the gameplay differences between each Madden. Apparently there's no sprint button in Madden 11, and my friends were having trouble kicking the ball as well. That's pretty much all I can say about the gameplay.

I do have a request for Madden 12. Get Bill Belichick in the game. It must drive EA Sports crazy that he's not apart of the Coach's Association. It would be nice to immortalize a person with the legacy he's left in New England. Even if he's only in one Madden game I'm sure Patriots fans would be happy to see the name Bill Belichick instead of NE Coach.


  1. im wit ya' E, man. Kicking took a bit to get used to but its nothing to cry over. and i do like the idea of the no sprint button. Really teaches true Madden players, like myself, to harness the speed of each player. A lot more realistic, if I do say so myself. Another thing I'm learning to like is the new GameFlOW way of choosing plays. It is really going to switch up the styles of diehard Madden players. Its a whole new way of going at plays and limits the ways of more sneakier players on kickoffs and field goals because it won't be fooled by Fakes and On-side kicks. My big thing is the defense. Everything seems so much slower and it is ALOT more harder to really "hit-stick" on-coming offensive players. Overall I give it a 8. Mainly for the simple fact that they changed a lot of things way to fast, but hey, its still MADDEN!