Aug 27, 2010

Mafia II is Unacceptable

 I see why UNICO didn't want Mafia II to hit store shelves. I thought it was due to the stereotypical aspects of Italian-Americans, but after playing the game I find that every character in the game is  a stereotype.  It's disgusting. There's a prison scene in the game. I was disgusted to discover that there were only black people in the jail. I looked at the other gate and realized every race was segregated. Who want's to remember times like that? Racists.

The game is also homophobic. Every other word out of these assholes mouths is "Cocksucker" and "Fag." It's disgusting. People are out here fighting for equal rights, and this game comes a long and thinks it's the shit. Fuck you Mafia II.

It's also sexist. It leaves Playboy Centerfolds from the stone age scattered around the city for you to find. When you open it you see a beautiful white woman's breast and buttocks. When we get a prison shower scene we get guys showering with their underwear on. That's a double standard.

You really thought you were going to get away with putting this out? Saying it was the 40's doesn't excuse the conscious decision to focus on the segregated aspects of American life we try so hard to move on from. Get with the times 2K.