Dec 18, 2010

Stereotyping the Hip Hop Gamer

Two years ago I was introduced to The Hip Hop Gamer show. I saw videos of Hip Hop Gamer talking about himself, as well videos of him playing basketball and exploring a local Gamestop. I gravitated towards his charming personality and the fact that he was an African American with a voice in the gaming industry. I thought to myself if he could do it, why cant I? A month later I was blogging about videogames and the rest is history.

I had the opportunity of meeting Hip Hop Gamer at a Playstation Move Event in Boston and we chopped it up. We talked about videogames and even filmed a few moments together as we tried out the Playstation Move. I was already a fan, but now I know how cool the guy is in person. Then the problem showed up.

I had a front page story on Bitmob back in August about the racism in Mafia II. I spoke up about it after I realized nobody else was saying anything. I figured it was mostly due to both politics, and the racial majority in the gaming industry not being offended by the content. I decided to ask Hip Hop Gamer, a minority in the gaming industry, what he thinks about the situation via Twitter. A day or two goes by with no response. I figured he's a popular guy and didn't see my question. No harm no foul. I then discovered the song "Mafia Music" by Hip Hop Gamer in support of Mafia II. I guess I got his response.

I'm not saying he should agree with my view, but I was interested to know why he supported a game that refers to African Americans as "Moolies." I went back to Twitter and asked him about the song. I grew frustrated after not hearing anything back from the guy and said something along the lines that only a b*tch wouldn't respond to my question. You can see the response I got from the Hip Hop Gamer on the picture to the left.  I get that I might have been out of line by calling him a b*tch, but why respond to that and not the actual issue? It was clear he wasn't going to answer my question, so I just decided to drop the whole situation.

Fast forward to a month later. I began to get excited about Pax East 2011 and logged on Twitter to express my thoughts. I said I wanted to do things differently than I did this year. In 2010 I had the opportunity of meeting a few personalities in the gaming industry at Pax East which was cool, but next year I want interviews with these people. I mentioned the Hip Hop Gamer's name in the tweet, and he replies. "You talk sh*t now you want an interview. Step Ya Game Up, and I'll think about it." I took that as an insult to the almost 2 years of writing I've done as a blogger. I might not have the fans, but I'm working hard at my craft. I decided to challenged him to a Freestyle Rap Battle since he's too hot for an interview.

Hip Hop Gamer is a man of many talents. He's a rapper with many songs on Youtube. One song he has is "60 Seconds." The line "If you want to battle. let's battle you can't get rid of me" stuck out to me like a sore thumb. I decided to see if this so called rapper practices what he preaches. I told him I'll put up $500 dollars if he does the same for a battle at Pax East 2011. Once again he get's quiet on Twitter again. I begin to poke jokes at Hip Hop Gamer as a way of showing that I'm serious. I guess he decided he was too important, and blocked me on Twitter.

I recorded a song titled "Psycho Sid" to get Hip Hop Gamers attention. One could call it a diss, but I call it a challenge. "$500 says I'll Beat You in a Battle" is repeated at the end of the song to make sure my intentions were clear. I'm sure he's heard the song by now, but I'm still waiting on his response. Remaining silent says a lot about his character. It says he's a fake rapper that's scared to battle some kid from Boston. My challenge is all in the name of friendly competition, and he has the opportunity of making $500 dollars if he wins. Maybe he can't rap at all, and knows he'll lose $500 dollars if he battles me. The offer is still on the table, and I'm still waiting for his response.

What does the Hip Hop Gamer's presence in the gaming industry say about the industries view of African Americans? It says that you have to fit the image of what the gaming industry thinks an African American should be. You have to be "Hip Hop" which I guess means wearing durags, bad writing, and an attitude that you're better than other African Americans. What kind of example does that set for the younger generation that looks up to you? I want to be the next Hip Hop Gamer so I'll just focus on being a likable stereotype at gaming conventions, as opposed to working on my craft to be the best journalist. If that's what the gaming industry wants then I signed up for the wrong sport.


  1. well...really this is a direct call to Hip Hop Gamer and to tell people about your rant and feelings towards him. This isn't an article but opinion piece.

    I really don't see the point of this article:
    1. first paragraph is all about your love/fan towards him
    2. Second was about getting his attention on twitter about the racism in the ps3 trash port version Mafia 2.
    3. Hip Hop G responded to you like you're some piece of sh* because you called him a bitch. And that's how this competitive started.

    I just think it's a grudge between you two.
    Hip Hop Gamer is like that, he likes to boast just like other "men". I know this from the argument with Black Smith vs Hip Hop G with MvC, Xmen vs SF, MvC 2 etc. How Hip Hop G kept using Hadoken, obvious cliche shit people do in Capcom's poor fighting games, ranted Black Smith. (i seriously dislike Capcom)

    Black Smith was right, you can't play cheap and repeat the same shit in fighting game, after winning and later boasting about it. Hell Hip Hop G even got his ass kicked in Gears of War by a gamer girl 5 to 1 in one of his show:P

    Like I's competitive, if you really wanna challenge Hip Hop g and embarrass him, you have to climb the limit. Announce it on twitter, social network, forums, N4G etc or better yet HIS WEBSITE! If you challenge him privately, he'll obviously ignore it.

    As for Hip Hop G not answering your twitter, perhaps he as nothing to say to it:/ or he missed your message. I rarely use trash Twitter, I sent companies and people messages that I never got a single reply back most of the time.

    Hip Hop G was definitely right how disrespected you were. I mean you were a fan to him and because he ignored your tweets doesn't mean he doesn't know who the fark you are. You didn't have to call him a bitch. If you wanted his attention, go to his site and leave a comment or...send him an email! Twitter is a piece of shit man, do you get reply back tweets from people you tweeted? I guess not.

    As for Hip Hop G setting a bad example to young kids or suppose to the title "stereotyping". That was a straight up judgement call man! Hip Hop G said he's from Brookyln (trash area that turns kids to gangstas:P), he's experienced in gangs, guns, drugs and knife. While his faithful Hip Hop Granny kept him away from evil stuff.
    As a grown man he is, the gangsta shit are all influence in his life and that what MAKES him Hip Hop Gamer and that's why we like him! And no matter his personality, I still like him and respect him because he shows one faithful thing: "God's Love". And you are doing a BAD thing by trying to make people hate on him because of the way he treated you.

    And finally for Mafia 2, I wouldn't be playing the game because they farked up the ps3 version. I hate it when people do that because they are taking a piss!

  2. Damn you dissed Brooklyn hard. Shout out to B.K. I'm not trying to turn people against him. I could care less what anybody thinks about the guy personally.

    All I want is a battle

  3. Is that Steve Hahnel from 47 communications? lol

  4. Yo I got a proposition! Respond to me on Skype under HyDRo-X1 I tried looking for you under Errol James but no luck! I know a lot about Hip Hop too since I've experienced his tyrrany first hand.

  5. What about N'Gai Croal? I'm sure he surely strays away from the stereotype

    As an aspiring Journalist of "african descent" myself, I absolutely do not feel any negative backlash from his depiction within the industry against my own race. With that being said, if you have noticed, the world of videogames features some representatives from a WIDE assortment of groups. There's GayGamer, Christian gamer, even a beer drinking crew who fits the stereotypes of that sort.

    Despite Hiphopgamer flaunting the negative perceptions you speak of, the bottom line is this this: He worked hard obviously to get to where he is today.

    You have to remember, as big of a "figure" (if you want to call him that) as hiphopgamer is within the world of video game "journalism" he is only one person. That does not mean he has to be the ONLY example of what black people could bring to Journalism.. he's definitely not the only one, and if someone else can rise to the occasion than there will be two.

    Last but not least, lets keep talking about the games... talking about race in this aspect forces it in our faces at time we don't want it to.

    Tristan Charles

  6. Errol,

    Not sure how an issue you had with Mafia II, turned you into an issue between you and Hip Hop Gamer. Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to tell you why you failed to get a response from him. Here goes:

    NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SILLY blogspot. Plain and simple. And by replying to you, all he would be doing is giving you attention that you don't deserve.

    It's funny because I was laughing with him about this not too long ago at a Sega event in NYC. And even I told him not to reply to you, because, well... you're a nobody.By throwing this "piece" up on N4G, all you did was solidify that even more so, as you're being roasted by all of those N4Gers you thought would jump on the "let's hate HHG" bandwagon. Instead of all of this "cyberbeef" (which is only directed one way) you should focus on creating a better site with better content, because after looking around, all i see if that you're an angry blogger cry baby. Just look at all of these negative titles lately:

    "Most Dissapointing Game of the Year"
    "Alan Wake is officially Overated"
    "Why the 2010 Video Game Awards Sucked"
    "I Just Don't Kinect"

    Seriously... somebody needs to call you a waaaaaaaaaaah-mbulance. Your whining is pathetic.
    Better your own craft before you attack someone else.

    -Joel Taveras

  7. Your a girl. This article was soooo corny. Who cares how the industry perceives african americans? what do you need approval? You want a pat on the back? Do what you do and get off the next mans jock.

    So basically your got hurt because HHG didn't want to be buddies with you. LMAO. Too funny.

    This article was disgusting...

    It's bout to be 2011, start acting like men.


  8. One more thing. I youtubed your track (just curious).

    Bruh, stay off the mic. I could only get about 20 seconds in.


    You have a vagina. Period. There's no other explanation of how another man can hurt you so bad, you went and made a song about it.

    LMAO, too funny.

  9. I think this is some of the best reading I have done in weeks.

  10. I think you're doing the right thing calling out the industry on racism. It needs to be done, and apparently there aren't enough voices out there against it. But looking at your current situation with HHG it seems that you've strayed from your original goal. It went from solidarity against discrimination to a personal beef with someone who should be an ally.
    Do you think HHG will respect you more if you beat him in a rap battle?

  11. @Tristian Haven't contacted N'gai Croal yet, but I will if I feel the need to.

    I'm willing to talk about race as long as I know the person I'm speaking with is open minded enough to hear what I have to say. If It becomes a lecture then that person could take it to a college class for all I care.

    I feel you though when we should keep it to games, but this is a culture. We should appreciate it for what it is.

  12. @ Jose I've tried to sign up for skype 4 times now
    and it keeps bringing me back to the same screen. As soon as I get it working I'll hit you up/

  13. I see you @A-Town Balla there's more to come. Stay Tuned.

  14. @Alex If Hip Hop Gamer is really apart the culture of Hip Hop he ought to respect it enough to have a battle. Win or Lose he did it for Hip Hop.

    I don't know any rapper who backs down from a battle, except for those manufactured rappers that never make it past a third album.

    I also see the battle as an outlet to settle the tension between him and I. He speaks his peace I speak mine and we move on.

  15. oh & @Joel if you went back another month you'd realize that this period of my blog is A Crack in Time.

    Holla at me in 2011 when the games worth talking about are available.

  16. @Bronson Thanks for checking out my Song!! I really appreciate it. Feel free to comment anytime.