Oct 2, 2010

Psycho Sid

What's Up. Errol James
back killing the track.
Calling these Brian Pumper rappers wack
Cause I Don't Give a Motherfucking Crap
I will put the slap on these corny little chaps
Start with your fucking jaw
dog we're above the law
Pokemon Snap your neck
punch your chest
no respect
leave you sleeping with the fishes like Jaws.
I'm The Fucking Boss
better come correct
Either your a bitch or we're cutting up checks.
One of the effects
of what happens when I show love and get no respect.
Fuck That Bitch the Hip Hop Gamer.
yo i've never seen hip hop get so lamer.
you claim your a gamer and this and that,
but you're about to get hit w/the disclamer
Here's exactly how we're gonna play it.
I Look At You & I See Self Hatred.
You claim to be a gamer, rapper
I Sit Back & I Think You're An Actor
Who Cooned His Way Right Into The Biz
with no idea of who you is
Thinkin you the shit but your really not
Think You're Shawn Michaels, boy you better stop
cause I'll roll up on you like I'm Psycho Sid
hit you with a PowerBomb
i think i just did
Your Writing Sucks
& So Do Your Rhymes.
I've heard better shit from little kids
in the 1st Grade.
u think u got it made
but you're a Scared Little Bitch to battle
$500 dollars says I'll beat you in a battle
$500 dollars says I'll beat you in a battle
$500 Dollars Says I'll Beat You in a Battle.
Produced by Soulja Boy

Oct 1, 2010

A Crack in Time

A Crack in Time is the 8th game in the Ratchet and Clank series. By this point I've come up with a way to approach a new R&C game. The first six to ten hours are going to be boring as the game holds my hand while I level up each weapons I want to use. After that the game will be fun. The enemies will be nonstop, and I'll have the firepower for anybody who wants it. I'm usually too caught up in the fun to realize the moment when the game stops being boring, but the moment is clear in A Crack in Time. A Crack in Time doesn't really get fun until you get to play as both Ratchet & Clank.

The time spent playing as Ratchet & Clank individually really tested my patience. The series is not the same playing as either Ratchet or Clank. You start off playing as Clank which was beyond annoying for me. I did not enjoy Clank's missions of recording movements, and playing with Clank's time wand. I'd rather listen to Clank's jokes and have him there whenever I need to platform with Ratchet. Ratchet would not be a gaming superstar without Clank. He can use the coolest weapons, but his movement without Clank is strange. He can't jump as high or stay in the air as long without Clank. I could not stand A Quest for Booty because you spend the game platforming without Clank. It's not that much fun.

Once Ratchet & Clank get together the game really takes off. I found myself using the Buzz Blades a lot. I really liked that weapon. If used properly the Buzz Blades are a good way of preventing enemies from shooting at you. They're too busy worried about the sharp blades cutting them in every direction to do anything else. The story is still funny and entertaining after all of these sequels which is impressive. All that said I still think Tools of Destruction is the best R&C adventure on the PlayStation 3. The amount of time I had enjoying A Crack in Time was shorter than it was on Tools of Destruction. By the time Ratchet & Clank finally meet up in A Crack in Time the characters are talking about "ending this" implying the game is about to end. I was lost in Tools of Destruction before it ended. By the time I beat it I had to play through it again to really enjoy it. I tried to restart A Crack In Time, and after a long cut scene I realized I had to play as Clank again. No thank you.