Jan 6, 2011


Ryu and Ken have been fighting each other for so long. One would think they would work out their differences by now. Why can't we all just get along, or at least change our outfits every now and again? A new hairstyle isn't a bad idea either you guys.

I hope Ken plans to avoid that Hadouken thrown by Ryu. He's already losing the fight with 70 seconds remaining. The crowd of 7 people on the boat (2 on the upper deck, 5 on the lower deck) seem to be enjoying the match as they cheer on the fighters. I always wondered why Ryu & Ken fight barefoot. Seems like a good way to catch a splinter on the wooden boardwalk they're fighting on. Looks like a nice day to be at sea for the people on the boat. They've got blue skies and the water looks calm. It's probably a little chilly considereing everyone on the boat is wearing long sleeves. It appears they're coming back since the anchor to the boat is in the water. I really hope Ken plans to avoid that Hadouken. That blue ball of energy looks mighty painful.