Mar 13, 2011

PAX East 2011: Where is Sony?

Sony you know fucked up right? Why aren't you at PAX East? Talk about a missed opportunity. You must have forgotten that PAX East is the biggest gaming convention on the East Coast. Gamers from around the world flocked to Boston to celebrate videogames, and you're missing in action. Shaking my fucking head.

If Playstation isn't at PAX East where is it spending the weekend? In Austin Texas celebrating South by Southwest (SXSW.) I guess Sony saw the golden opportunity to be the only gaming company in Texas this weekend. I saw tweets about Playstation Meetups and Parties at SXSW which would be cool if there were PlayStation Meetups in Boston as well. Sony was probably too ashamed of its first PAX East Meetup last year.

Sony kicked off last years PAX East celebrations by throwing a Playstation Move Party at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston. Boy did that event suck. The room they were demoing the Playstation Move was small and stuffy with all of the people that were there. There were more people waiting in line then there were in the Event itself. All of that plus the boring demos Sony presented for the Playstation Move and you have yourself a shitty event. How does Sony try to redeem itself for last years mess? By going to Austin for South by Southwest. Good for you Sony.

You not being at PAX East 2011 is a missed opportunity. It would have been nice to play a demo of inFamous 2, or the new Ratchet and Clank, but no. The Socom 4 booth, is the only PlayStation related event I remember seeing at PAX East. That's pathetic considering Microsoft had huge Kinect and Gears of War 3 booths, while Nintendo was demoing the Nintendo 3DS. Avoiding the consumers who came together from around the world is just dumb. You could have at least had Kevin Butler at a Panel or something.