Apr 18, 2011

Should I Be Excited About Portal 2?

Portal 2 was arguably the hottest game at this years PAX East. No matter what time or day you went, the line to the Portal 2 booth was long. Here I was excited to play the Nintendo 3DS while everyone else seemed to want to play Portal 2.  Do they know something I don't?

I never played the Orange Box. First reason was because I didn't know what it was. Team Fortress? Is that an expansion of Half Life? What I got from it was The Orange Box was a bundle of different first person shooters in one game. Not really my style. The last first person shooter I finished was GoldenEye on the N64. Despite all of the good reviews I just couldn't bring myself to give The Orange Box a try.

Portal 2 has me interested. It could be the ads I see on buses as I travel to school, or the commercial I see whenever I watch TV. I think it's ultimately the lines I saw at PAX East. People were determined to play this game. The little information I know about it is that is has a Co-Op mode which is a plus in my book. I just wish some review scores would pop up. Portal 2 is in stores tomorrow for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. I might have to check it out.


  1. Portal was overrated. It's a platformer with nothing to do or collect. You're supposed to be mesmerized by gravity and teleportation. The mechanics are no different than Half-Life 2. So, jumping accurately is difficult. The oval portals are a bit too tight, so you 'trip' through them at times. (This was bad for a particular achievement.) Although the voice for GLADOS was good, she was predictable. The song in the end game credits was the only reason why the game was praised by the media. I saw nothing in the Portal 2 videos that fixes the sterility of Portal 1. Three hours was too long. It's not a game you would play twice. Portal is only half of a game. They should give you a gun and enemies to shoot, with the portals.

  2. tplarkin7 likes first person shooters. Portal engages your mind, not just your twitch reflex. There is nothing else like it. If you have to have zombies and explosions in your games then you may not enjoy Portal.

    I'm very excited. I will be picking up my copy at Gamestop at midnight tonight.

  3. It's a fun little puzzle game that was embraced by the mainstream for it's quirky sense of humor and solid game mechanics. If you don't like puzzle games then don't expect to like Portal.

  4. I picked up the Orange Box for $8 this past month after putting it off for similar first person shooter reasons. The only game I've played on it so far is Portal, and I must say it is one of the most refreshing games I've played in a long time. Don't expect a first person shooter because you never get a real weapon, but despite what tplarkin7 said above I viewed this as a good thing. The Portal mechanic was original and fun, and even though the game is very short it made a great impression on me. I'm excited about Portal 2, but even if it is 3 times as long as Portal I'll still probably beat it in less than a week. It's a rental for me.