May 14, 2011

Is the Nintendo 3DS a Flop?

Would you be surprised if I told you the Nintendo DS outsold the Nintendo 3DS last month? It's true. The Nintendo DS sold 257,000 units while the Nintendo 3DS sold 194,000 units in the month of April 2011. I was surprised at first, but after some thought it wasn't that surprising.

Nintendo 3DS is Expensive
The Nintendo 3DS is too expensive. Especially when the price of the Nintendo Wii and DS have recently dropped. You could buy a Wii and two games for less than the price of a 3DS with one videogame. That's crazy. Lets not forget the PSP Go went for the same price and died in less than two years

It's Not Really Innovative 
The Nintendo 3DS is not too different from the Nintendo DS. Everything from the name to it's design brings out images of the Nintendo DS. The only noticeable differences I see are the circle pad and the design of the stylus. Everything else is small adjustments. The power and volume buttons have moved as did the place for the stylus. The 3D graphics are innovative because they don't require glasses, but that's not enough to call the 3DS a new system. Sure it makes the graphics better, but I've yet to come across a game where the 3D graphics actually improved the gameplay.

Videogame Selection is Horrible
There aren't many games out there for the 3DS. To make matters worse the most notable upcoming games are 3D ports of console exclusives. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Edition come to mind as the most anticipated titles of the year for the 3DS. There is also a new Mario game in the works that's expected for the holiday season. Right now the only game I would recommend for the 3DS is Super Street Fighter 3D Edition. I've put well over 50 hours into that game, and I don't see myself slowing down.

It's too early to tell if the 3DS is a flop. It's only been available for 2 months. It's definitely off to a slow start. It has yet to sell one million units in the United States, and it's predecessor the Nintendo DS is selling more. This is supposed to be Nintendo's time to put a dent on the sales of the upcoming Sony NGP. Maybe sales will go up as more high profile games are released. In the mean time I'm going to save up for a Sony NGP.


  1. How many idiots can there be.

    Every system at launch has been called a flop. The ds was, the gba was, the ps3 was, the 360 was

    Its outpacing the ds.

    Only a fucking moron would call it a flop

  2. nah, his right. the 3ds is a gimicky piece of shit. I cant imagine playing my 100 hour rpg games on that thing. Its battery is complete trash. and no, it wont be better than the ds. nothing will. its already beat the ps2. this piece of shit wont last

  3. ^ loser says what?

    The 3ds is outpacing the ds in sales. Come back to me when you actually own a game system or your mother lets you own one.

    The battery is no worse than the psp or ios touch battery.

  4. its funny but you will always see unintelligent people waste there time writing articles like this before the system has a chance. yet the systems always prove them wrong. so maybe you should ask yourself. maybe there is something more important to talk about than speculating about a system that has just come out because in the end you know you will be wrong. when has a Nintendo hand held done bad in the market. do you really think Sony's ngp is gonna do better? and do you think the ngp isn't going to be expensive and try to have some 3d gimmick.

  5. I think the NGP presented some interesting software when it was announced. I wouldn't be surprised if the NGP has better launch titles than the 3DS did.

  6. sorry i shouldn't have said unintelligent. sorry :( just and unoriginal piece tho. you may be right about the games but by then the 3ds will have some really great titles (you might get cross eyed playing them)but i actually am exited to see how each system plays out. the ngp looks like alot of fun too. if you buy a system when it first comes out don't be upset with the system for not having a huge line up. be upset with yourself for not waiting till there was one.

  7. no offense taken bro, and for the record Street Fighter 3D is all. Give me that game with a WiFi connection and I'm good until Ocarina of Time comes out.