Jan 30, 2012

Why You Should Sign the Latest WWE Petition

Have you seen the latest petition against WWE Games? It's from a gamer by the name of John Bonham whose tired of World Wrestling Entertainment games being made by THQ. Just by reading the petition you get the idea that the guy is a dedicated fan. He ought to consider reviewing games to be honest. In the petition he lists a number of valid reasons as to why THQ should stop making WWE Games. He makes a convincing argument. Convincing enough for me to sign the petition.

I signed the petition because I feel like WWE Games aren't welcoming to new players. I come from the old school when wrestling games were fun. The days of WCW vs NWO on the Nintendo 64. Those grapple based wrestling games were beyond fun back in the day. I don't understand why these games aren't still being made today. I've played a couple of the WWE Games, and I don't like them. For starters I have no idea how to even fight in these games. I go to training and I get even more lost. I've literally played 10 minutes of the WWE Games and I was done. Wrestling games need to go back to the N64 model. Update that and you'll probably gain more fans.

If you want to read the petition click the link below.

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