Feb 5, 2012

Fallout 3: Point Lookout Review

I haven't played a new Quest in Fallout 3 in a while. I've spent the better part of three years exploring the Capital Wasteland. I finally came around and bought some downloadable content (DLC) to expand on the original story. In comes Point Lookout which I bought for $9.99 on Xbox Live. Point Lookout is an island just off of Maryland's Coast. When you buy the DLC a ferry shows up to take you over. That's a picture of the ferry "Duchess Gambit" above.

Point Lookout is a crazy place. It wasn't hit by nuclear bombs during the war, but the island received radiation from the Capital Wasteland. The radiation attracted Ghouls and Swamp People who are radiated inbred locals. The small local population is reduced to gang of people known as Tribals. Tribals are initiated by traveling to the swamp and ingesting special seeds. The seeds cause you to fall asleep. You wake up with a scar on your head, and a piece of your brain missing. Lets just say that losing a piece of your brain can cause a person to go crazy. Point Lookout is worth a visit. By the time I finished the main quest I was satisfied with what I accomplished. It inspired me to finish the main story so I could start the "Broken Steel" DLC.